How to be successful on Youtube

YouTube is the second most popular site on the Internet, ahead only of Google. Of course, every person who has a channel on the site wants it to be popular, because you can make good money on this. But promoting videos on YouTube is not an easy job that requires daily action.

What should you pay attention to when promoting your channel?

  1. Engagement rate is perhaps the most important point. It is best for the viewer to watch the video to the end, then YouTube itself will start promoting your video. Therefore, it is very important to keep the viewer’s attention. You can promise some bonus after watching the entire video.
  2. How you present information plays an important role. Speech literacy affects the number of views of your videos, you need to convey information in a simple and understandable language, quickly and interestingly. If your speech is mostly water and you can’t speak to the point, your videos are unlikely to get many views.
  3. It is important to say some valuable information at the very beginning. The viewer in the first 20-30 seconds decides whether to watch your video or not. However, do not reveal all the cards at once, pull the intrigue as long as possible.
  4. Sound plays a bigger role than image. The picture is also important, but if the speech on the video is slurred, the video will not help, no matter how professional it is.
  5. Come up with an interesting and catchy headline using keywords.
  6. Long videos are not in vogue right now, shoot short but full of content.
  7. Finally, one of the easy ways to get promoted on video hosting is to pay for Youtube view. Do it in a legal way, all illegal fraud will lead to the blocking of your channel. You can register on the services where they perform tasks: they like, subscribe, accumulate points and then pay with them to cheat. This method is not very effective and long. One of the best ways is to advertise videos. Your video will be shown at the beginning of other videos and you will get real user views. Of course, you will have to pay for this, but such views are considered white promotion and Google treats them positively, because it also makes money on it. This option of buying views will bring you into trends and attract new users, as a result of which you can earn more. This is a great option to become a top blogger.
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